Sunday, 16 March 2014

An Introduction

Hello there! Good day to you, and welcome to this: The Northern Chords. And before we get started, let us clear the air on a few elements of this blog. The title for example. You may view the title of The Northern Chords and believe that it will be a blog dedicated to music in the north, although depending where you live will influence your opinion of where north actually is (for general reference, the north here reflects the north of England from where I was born, grew up, currently reside and blog from). In forming this opinion, you would be partially right, as this blog does indeed focus on music quite heavily, in particular live music. The Northern part however does not reflect a focus; it’s actually a play-on words of The Northern Lights, of which I have handily included a picture below, so as to avoid confusion.

See? They’re quite pretty, aren’t they? Anyway, back to the point; this blog does not focus on music made in the North of England. Rather, it focuses on a variety of things, principally reviews of my live music experiences. With the beginning of this blog, I have been to twenty-five concerts by my reckoning (various impromptu shows by artists in pubs and Battle of the Band competitions do not count, because I live by my own rather confusing rulebook) and, as an aspiring journalist, feel like I should probably share my verdict on each of them, as well reviews of future shows. Alongside music, I am a firm fan of the cinema, and so will endeavour to include reviews on this blog in covering recent releases that I see, along with historical reviews of other films. Likewise, reviews of other interests may appear; some television shows here, some books there, my opinions on some events, and a chance to promote the greatest game of all, rugby league, to the uninitiated. But predominantly, this will be a music and film review blog, coupled with what I hope is an interesting style of prose and reasoned logic behind my opinions. However, as logic has never been a strong suit, I do give caution here and now.

Thank you then! Especially if you got to the end of this introduction without closing the tab. I cannot comment on the frequency of posts but I certainly hope to have some form of regularity, so all that remains is to wish you all the best and see you soon at The Northern Chords!

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